FractionL is a community of successful fractional senior executives (CxOs) focused on providing CEOs, Venture and Private Equity firms with the support and direction to grow their businesses quickly and profitably. Expertise and experience make a fractional leader a better choice than a fulltime manager.

About us

There are many CxO companies out there offering to staff your company with a top hourly executive for a portion of their day.  The cost can be astronomic and the results inconsistent. Not to mention risky!


As a team of experienced fractional CRO’s and COO’s, we saw an opportunity to disrupt.  We formed FractionL to provide a predictable monthly subscription model, with the focus on fast growth companies who need multiple CxO services.


FractionL works with you to find a team member backed by a additional experts who can monitor and provide greater perspective other than a single executive. Our FractionL execs report to you and our Management team. Double accountability!

Why FractionL

COVID has had a profound effect on startups and small to medium businesses. Working remotely with limited resources has taught companies to do more with less. The traditional process of building an expensive team of full time CxO’s is now obsolete. 


FractionL realized that CxO’s need to show up with more than leadership qualities. They need systems and platforms that scale rapidly.  We often deliver a complete technology stack with our CxO.


Going FractionL keeps you agile and able to pivot, and you can quickly change or add team members as you grow. Using a service like FractionaL can get you multiple perspectives on your challenges.


The cost is ALWAYS less than a full time hire.

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